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15 Best YouTube Channels For Beginner Stock Traders

justin freeman
Justin Freeman trader
Updated 3 May 2023

Master the art of trading with our top 10 YouTube channels, specifically tailored for beginner stock traders. These channels demystify complex jargon and provide expert knowledge, setting you on the path to trading success.

YouTube Channels For Beginner Stock Traders

YouTube is a treasure trove of free, high-quality content that sheds light on the strategies and insights of seasoned traders. We've handpicked the top 10 YouTube channels specifically tailored for beginner stock traders like you. Regardless of the stocks you're eyeing, arming yourself with expert knowledge is always a smart move.

Don't miss out on this essential resource for budding traders seeking a real-time understanding of the markets. Let these top YouTube channels be your guide to unlocking the mysteries of stock trading and propelling you to new heights in your financial journey.


Why Follow Investors On YouTube?

Follow investors on YouTube to tap into valuable insights, crowdsource information, and learn trading fundamentals from seasoned professionals. Our curated list of top channels is tailored for beginner traders seeking to elevate their trading journey.

1. Warrior Trading

Subscribers: 1.04 Million

Warrior Trading is one of the most highly subscribed finance sites on YouTube and it’s easy to see why. It breaks down the sometimes complex features of the markets in a way that is ideal for beginners.

It’s also one of the channels with the most comprehensive libraries of educational materials. Whether you’re looking to day trade stocks or understand the principles of stock valuation, Warrior Trading has easy-to-follow videos tailored to the needs of those starting out.

Ross Cameron, who heads up the Warrior Trading channel, is a professional trader. He has an engaging presentation style, which makes his videos an ideal place for those looking to learn the basics. Videos start at ground level, explaining how to use a candlestick chart, for example. Thanks to the effective hand-holding and engaging approach, beginner traders are soon able to move on to intermediate topics, such as how to apply VWAP strategies.


2. Stock Trading Master

Subscribers: 25.6K

Stock Trading Master is an ideal YouTube channel for those looking for a way to be prepared for upcoming market events. The channel includes a weekly show broadcast on Saturdays, which gives traders time to prepare for the week ahead.

The channel’s videos are organised into two distinct categories – Stock Market Forecasts and Economics. Topics to be found include tutorials on Stochastic Indicators, ‘Bonds and Quantitative Easing for Dummies’, macroeconomics and Federal Reserve policy – all essential topics for those looking to further establish their understanding of the markets.

The channel’s weekly preview meeting is ideal for those looking to get an edge on upcoming events and is supported by a range of other videos which provide additional information on some of the concepts being discussed. The channel’s high-level studies on issues impacting the stock market and its topics, which range from the role played by tariffs and quotas to how government subsidies can affect stock prices, make this a channel worthy of your subscription.

3. Patrick Wieland

Subscribers: 196K

Day trading using momentum strategies might, at first glance, appear to be a relatively niche subject, but Patrick Wieland’s channel has almost 200k subscribers thanks to the way he makes the strategy easy to understand. The channel hosts real-time trading videos, which allow beginners to see Wieland book trades in live market conditions.

As noted in the channel’s description, Wieland began day trading in 2015. Two years later, he established his profile with its day trading focus. Live videos with monetary targets are interspersed with topics ranging from guides to tick charts, RSI indicators and predicting market moves.

The challenges associated with day trading are also covered on the channel, with videos covering common mistakes made by beginners as well as the basics of how to trade. There is a degree of discipline in the approach, with the aim being to help traders with small accounts gradually build up the size of their account rather than introduce too much risk into their trading.


4. The Trading Channel

Subscribers: 2.09 Million

The Trading Channel does an excellent job of simplifying the process of how to use different trading strategies. The jargon-free videos outline how beginners can develop a rule-based approach to trading and build strategies which can successfully navigate all market conditions.

The approach of this profile has resulted in The Trading Channel gaining a reputation for being an ideal starting place for those who are new to trading. Since its establishment in 2014, the channel has picked up almost 2 million subscribers at the time of writing.

The strategies discussed here have the added appeal of being able to be applied to various time frames. Whether you’re considering day trading or are looking for medium-term pullback opportunities in high beta stocks, the channel offers a range of videos designed to get your trading off to the best possible start.

5. Financial Wisdom

Subscribers: 133K

Financial Wisdom’s channel has an extensive library of ‘how to trade’ style videos, but the material that could be of most benefit to beginners are the interviews with industry experts. These involve in-depth analysis of what techniques have worked for experienced investors who have made consistent returns.

Video topics to be found here include ‘How to Trade Stocks Using Probability and Edge)’, ‘Trading Price Action’, ‘Applying Margin to Stocks’ and ‘Trading Penny Stocks’. The channel also includes insight into a number of prominent traders, including Paul Weinstein, Timothy Sykes and Paul Tudor Jones. All content is provided by a long-term trader with the aim of reducing the “learning curve duration of many aspiring investors and traders by providing the key information in a concise and enjoyable manner” (source: Financial Wisdom).

The Financial Wisdom format is different from the ‘live trading’ experience of some other channels and instead helps beginners understand and develop the methods used to develop an effective trading psychology. There is also a touch more realism and an acceptance that not all trades are winners. Unsurprisingly, the channel is, therefore, also an ideal place to find videos on how to use risk management to protect your account during those periods when the markets turn against you.

6. Richard Moglen

Subscribers: 67K

Big quant funds that use algorithms to determine their trading decisions account for more than 50% of stock exchange activity. While many smaller investors still use fundamental analysis rather than computer codes to decide their next targets, building an understanding of how technical analysis is factored into trading decisions helps develop a more rounded approach. That’s where Richard Moglen’s YouTube channel comes in.

With videos segregated into topics including ‘Investing Strategies’, ‘How to Use Trading Indicators’, ‘Trading Rules’ and ‘Technical Analysis, the proof of the effectiveness of the channel is backed up by a subscriber base of almost 61,000.

Market Chat offers videos that break down the basics of systematic trading into bite-size pieces. It also includes interviews with the individuals behind some of the computer programs used by hedge funds, which quite often move the market.

If you’re looking to use technical analysis to instil some discipline into your trading or considering developing your own trading programs, then the videos on offer here are a good fit for both beginners and more advanced traders.

7. Project Millionaire Group

Subscribers: 140K

One temptation beginners do well to resist is trying to make unrealistic returns. The Project Millionaire Group channel tackles this by providing videos that consider how it’s impossible to get around the basics of risk-return when applied to trading. The live trading examples focus on account management, with some profits on winning trades being locked in, to keep the trading P&L heading in the right direction.

Established in 2019, video topics on the channel over that time have primarily focussed on forex – with advice on identifying pullbacks, trading strategies, and scalping and swing trading strategies. As the channel’s ‘About’ page states, “we are able to share our journey with you while giving you free tips to master your forex skills” (source: Project Millionaire Group)

The videos here, on subjects such as the ‘Best Time To Trade’, are firm evidence that the channel hosts are experienced traders. They are familiar with the day-to-day routines of the stock market, which makes the channel an ideal resource for those looking to fast-track their understanding of how forex and stock trading works.


8. Jennifer Thompson

Subscribers: 96K

Jennifer’s approach will tie in with anyone looking to make their money work harder for them. Tapping into the reality that holding cash in a savings account is a losing trade, channel host Jennifer Thompson explores a variety of ways in which complete beginners can gain exposure to the benefits of trading the financial markets.

The channel has an interesting twist in that its host, based in Scotland, makes a point to outline the fact that she is a mother, and engineer and full-time investor and entrepreneur. These are characteristics that a beginner user-base are sure to identify with and aspire to.

The straight-forward approach is designed to cater to those with only a small amount of capital to invest. Videos explore how to make a healthy and relatively low-risk return on capital, whatever the starting amount is. Some of the most popular videos on the Mama Fur Fur channel offer a ground-level approach to investing and the channel is full of information, which helps remove a lot of the potential barriers to taking the first steps into trading.

9. Phil Town

Subscribers: 431,000

Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing YouTube channel is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to make smoothed-out long-term returns from the stock market. Town is an experienced investor who discusses ideas on how to build a portfolio designed to make healthy rather than unrealistic returns.

With 431k subscribers amassed since the channel’s establishment in 2014,, he’s one of the most keenly followed YouTube investors and is also a renowned author on the subject of investing, with some of his books having been included in the New York Times best-seller list.

The library of videos starts at the beginning of the investment process and covers basic topics such as ‘How to Invest $1,000’ and ‘The Four Major Rules for Investing’. It’s easy to use Town’s videos to get up to speed and then explore intermediate videos dedicated to subjects ranging from the pros and cons of tech stocks to how to invest during periods of high inflation.

10. Damien Talks Money

Subscribers: 107K

The videos posted by Damien Fahy take particular features of stock investing and break them down in a way that caters to complete beginners. The majority of the videos on the Damien Talks Money channel are in the region of 10 minutes in length, which is sufficient time for each topic to be explored fully and for viewers to then be in a position to make an informed decision.

For beginner traders, there are a host of topics covered here from a UK perspective. These incorporate a look at global currency crises, the UK budget and recession preparation. A dedicated playlist entitled ‘Investing for Beginners’ affirms the channel’s accessibility for those that are new to trading.

All aspects of successful investing are covered here, including how to ensure portfolios take advantage of possible tax breaks. New videos are released by the channel on a weekly basis, which means Damien’s ideas have a cutting-edge feel – particularly in their ability to address the current market conditions.


11. Craig Percoco

Subscribers: 277K

Day trading remains one of the most popular areas of trading for beginners, but it is a difficult skill to learn and an even harder one to master. Craig Percoco’s guide on how to set up to day trade the markets is an ideal starting place.

The videos on this channel are typically 20 minutes long, meaning they do an excellent job of covering all aspects of how to be a successful trader. The strong engagement with viewers and subscribers alike is affirmed by the viewing figures. It is not uncommon to see individual videos amass upwards of 200,000 views – one recent clip on DeFi staking has received 918,000 views to date.

The short-term strategies discussed use a limited range of technical indicators. VWAP and Bollinger Bands are favoured and to keep things simple, some of the more advanced oscillators are not included in the analysis. Stripping back the number of metrics allows beginners to get used to trading using the most important indicators and that helps them build up an understanding of the basics and also avoid the risk of going too deep, too early.

12. Johnny Encinias

Subscribers: 2.8K

Although this is a channel with a relatively limited number of current subscribers, it is one that is certainly well worth the time and attention of beginner traders. New videos here are produced daily and involve a deep dive into the prospects of firms that are making the news headlines.

The value of the Johnny Encinias channel comes from the way fundamental analysis techniques are explained in a straight-forward manner so that viewers can form a view on whether a stock is over or undervalued. With a variety of content, including live streams, book reviews, stock market basics and guides for beginners, there is sure to be content to engage newcomers to trading.

Other asset groups, such as property and crypto, are also considered to develop a macro-style approach, which ensures subscribers get a rounded picture of market conditions. Indeed, if you’re thinking of investing in stocks ranging from high-yield Procter & Gamble, to growth stocks in emerging markets, then this is the channel to use to lift the lid on their valuations and prospects.

13. Investing For Beginners

Subscribers: 5K

The team of young traders and analysts running the IFB Team channel aim to address one of the perennial challenges facing stock pickers – the difficulties of making like-for-like comparisons between different firms.

The channel digs into the details of corporate reports, filtering and sorting data into a range of bespoke KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This approach makes it possible to establish which of two similar firms are the better investment.

For any YouTube channel, the process of cleaning up the official data and presenting it in a user-friendly format takes considerable time. The raw data relating to customer churn at Netflix (NFLX) and Spotify (SPOT) are two such examples.

However, here on the IFB profile, data is presented in a way that makes it all the more accessible for the beginner trader. Indeed, taking advantage of the hard work and endeavours of the IFB Team allows beginner traders to be informed without having to do the number crunching themselves.

14. Financial Education

Subscribers: 719K

The Financial Education channel is a great one-stop-shop for beginner traders who are looking to get insight on upcoming news events. The daily videos are fast-moving and entertaining, with channel host Jeremy Lefebvre giving a quick-fire analysis of where trading opportunities might be found.

Lefebvre is as likely to point out situations to avoid as he is ones which could be worth considering, and that realism has helped him build a following which is 725k subscribers strong since the channel’s establishment in 2016. Indeed, Lefebvre’s trading objectives are as stated on the channel’s ‘About’ page: “I focus most of my time on finding the next home run stocks, running my stock portfolios, help my private stock group members reach 6 figure, 7 figure and 8 figure milestones” (source: Financial Education).

Lefebvre isn’t afraid to make big calls. His video library includes those with titles such as ‘Selling Everything & Going 100% Cash’ and ‘This Stock Has Lost Me Everything’. By his own admission, he’s not correct 100% of the time, but the thought-provoking ideas he shares are definitely something that beginner traders may want to factor into their decision-making.


15. Mark Tilbury

Subscribers: 1.58 Million

Mark Tilbury’s YouTube channel isn’t one for those looking for stock picks or trading signals. However, the fact he has accrued around 1.4m subscribers earns the channel a place on our list of best YouTube channels for beginners. The channel here explores the subject of wealth management and how to develop an effective investment mindset. It also offers a high-level view on developing a stock portfolio to fit into that plan.

Topics on this channel include ‘How to Benefit from the 2022 Housing Crash’, ‘The 10 Best Stocks to Buy in Your 20s’ and ‘Why I Sold Tesla’. Amassing viewership numbers in the range of 2.4, up to 4.2 million, it’s clear. That Tilbury’s content has the power to engage.

The down-to-earth, yet entertaining style of Tilbury’s presentation includes videos outlining the potential pitfalls facing investors. Risk management is a recurring theme, and that measured approach gives more credence to the videos that do offer up trading ideas, such as what stocks to invest in during a recession.

Final Thoughts

YouTube has, for good reason, built a reputation for being one of the best sites for beginners looking to develop their trading skills. The range and depth of information available on its channels means that any trader can quickly access information that gives a breakdown on any subject.

Insurgent platform TikTok is gradually building market share, but the short video format of TikTok can’t compete with the longer videos of YouTube. Whether you’re looking for ideas on market direction or a new strategy to try, YouTube is the platform to head to.

Studying YouTube videos is also a fast and effective way to take in the mood of the channel hosts and establish the current direction of travel. That results in trading with the flow, not against it, and that feeds into improved trading returns.

Any trader who accesses information from social media platforms needs to remember that the information provided is not investment advice and there is no comeback if any of the ideas lead to losses. But the established channels listed above have developed their reputations by offering viewers valuable insight. You don’t get more than 1 million subscribers if you keep making the wrong calls.

From an operational risk perspective, it is also important to remain vigilant to the risk of third parties asking for cash to be sent to them. That is a fast-track route to being scammed. Instead, if you do decide to follow their ideas of any of the best YouTube channels for beginner stock traders, then make sure your account is set up with a regulated broker, such as those featured on AskTraders.

AskTraders is not responsible for the content hosted on the third-party websites, social media accounts, social media channels and their posts. We do not endorse any financial advice by the featured accounts and channels. The third-party content featured is not to be considered investment advice, a recommendation, solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments.

Traders are advised to remain aware that profits are not guaranteed – losses must be factored in to any trading strategy.

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justin freeman
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